contact: info@jasdeepkang.com

My name is Jasdeep. I’m based in NY, born and raised from Yuba City, CA. I’m a multimedia artist working with film, music and photo. Through my work I hope to document care, whether it's care for self or care for community.  I enjoy working independently on experimental videos and songs where I use fantasy as a portal to access care and decolonial bliss. I freelance and collaborate with different artists, activists, brands and nonprofits. Currently i’m working on a music project where I explore queer mythology in my ancestry. I'm also working on turning a sci-fi short story into a podcast & directing a short film about overcoming creative burnout. 

My values: Care, fantasy, wellness, connection, joy

What I love: The ocean, my queerness, self care, herbs, journals, sustainability, music, community, my culture, trees and German Shepards. 

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