contact: info@jasdeepkang.com

My name is Jasdeep (she/they), I also go by Jakari Wing for my musical projects. I was born & raised in Yuba City, CA,  and currently live in NYC.  I freelance as a director, editor & photographer, DJ. I also make music and write! The camera & music were both introduced to me as tools at a young age.  I now use film & music to accompany me in my day to day documentations, and also as tools for fantasy, reflection and care.  

My hope is to celebrate individual expression & collective healing through my creations & collaborations. 

My upcoming projects include an audiovisual experience centered on radical self acceptance, a short documentary piece about my mother's migration story and a sci-fi fantasy short story series written during quarantine.  

Here's a sweet  article about me by my friends at Sheer that goes into a deeper dive of what I do!


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