Taking place in Yuba City, CA, PHIRAN WALI (the girl who walks), evokes different elements of displacement, time, and spiritual downloads through the intergenerational female diasporic body. The camera’s participation adds a layer of interconnectedness between the subject and filmmaker. A new dialogue, one which is reflective and consensual, one which doesn’t seek to define, one which is strung together through layers of transient sound.

I commemorate and celebrate histories of physical, spiritual, emotional labor through the characters & sound in this film.The goal of this nonlinear film is to display the anxieties that come with piecing together untold stories of migration. (Important to note the Indigenous territory-  Nisenan, Maidu Yuba City, California the land this film was filmed on.) 

This piece is by Jasdeep Kang

Directed, Filmed, Scored, Edited,


Women In Windows Exhibition

Windows Along Chung King Road, LA.

Feb 26th-March 17th. 2019

"This exhibition subverts the societal notion of female-as-object and presents the experiences, feelings and intellects of six women artists of color in an unignorable public forum. Glass boxes, which so often frame their bodies, become windows into the souls and substance of these women, who show us that the multifaceted and deeply personal female perspective cannot be contained by, or simplified to, a skin-deep, male-gaze centric representation of what it means to be female. " Zehra Ahmed

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