"It's mine" serves as a reminder to me that my decolonial process is truely mine. In this video I create a decolonial portal, where I have the power and mobility to access intergenerational decolonial knowledge at my will.

I address toxic and healthy processes I encounter as an active filmmaker through a decolonial lens. I juxtapose 8mm footage with digital footage. Both forms are in conversation and conflict with each other.

This pieces serve as a reminder to myself to be gentle, to not live in guilt or shame, to find action wherever I can. Here I find solace and security through accepting this journey of unapologetic fulfillment within my career and creative endeavors.

The score represents the exhaustion that capitalism encourages artists to endure. I create boundaries through a soundscape where I am able to finally create language for those emotions I never found as valid or worthy within a heavily colonized place.

Filmed by: Jasdeep
8mm: reclaimed by Jasdeep
Score by: Jasdeep

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