"There is definitely a motif with hair, femme-ness, and POC identity. I wanted the music video for “Azaadi Is Freedom Is Fate” to focus on a site of expression, and I felt like hair was a site for expression that a lot of my friends and I could expound upon. Whether we are using our hair or hairstyle to establish our freedom of expression, or whether our hair or hairstyle is being policed by others, it is a site at which our freedom is observed." Josephine Shetty in Rookie Mag

Azaadi Is Freedom Is Fate by Kohinoorgasm

Directed by Jasdeep Kang 

Co Directed and Concept by Josephine Shetty

Director of Photography: Jasdeep Kang

Produced: Jasdeep Kang & Josephine Shetty

Edited by: Jasdeep Kang 

Production Design: Reva Bhatt

Styled: Reva Bhatt & Pragya Bhatt

Production Assistants: Mannat Kaur Navya Kaur

Josephine Shetty
eipleen kaur
damanjot chatha
summer fucking mason
magdalena “gus” tobar
Daniel* Martinez-Najera
Kiana Lailin Young
Zàira Lee
Moi-sés Santos-Fausto
Amelia Quraisy
ayomide odumosu
Zaria Gunn
Penelope Anstruther
Sheena Kaur Paul
Paula Graciela Kahn
Mannat Kaur

Navya Kaur

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